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About Kline Wood Design


Our Family Business

Hello, my name is Jon Kline.  I have enjoyed designing and making things as long as I can remember.  When I was a kid and a teenager, I spent most of my days off from school working with my Dad, building houses in California's wine country.  I learned enough about carpentry and construction to develop an appreciation for craftmanship, building things step by step, and the satisfaction from quality work.  I also learned first-hand that construction is a lot of hard work, which was one of my motivations to pursue a collage degree in engineering and a career in technology.  I have enjoyed that path for the most part, especially designing and launching new products.  But, as my corporate job has focused on the "virtual" world, a part of me still wants to design, create and build physical, natural, functional products that you can hold in your hands... ideally built from beautiful wood!


Over the years, I have been able to setup a nice workshop here in Northern California. Time in the shop is a great way to express my creative side, to fine-tune my woodworking skills, and to de-stress from the corporate world.  Of course, every woodworking shop needs a large, diverse supply of hardwood, which I have also enjoyed collecting.  Whenever some new wood is delivered, my wife calls this my addiction, which seems a little harsh to me (OK... she might not be completely wrong about that!).   She has always been supportive of my vision to build and sell beautiful woodworking products, and has an eye for cute decorations that I should build someday.


In 2019 we started our Kline Wood Design side business.  Our goal is to offer artisan, one-of-a-kind wood products for customers who enjoy the unique beauty of natural wood.  For each piece that we sell, I have enjoyed the process of designing and building something you can "hold in your hands" and hope you and your family will enjoy using that product for years and decades to come.

Our Products

All Kline Wood Design products are handcrafted in the USA in our small workshop in Northern California.  We focus on high quality domestic and exotic hardwoods and unique designs that emphasize the natural beauty of the wood and the unique personality that can only be achieved with artisan craftsmanship.  Some of our more interesting hardwood materials may contain cracks, holes, live edges, etc. that add one of a kind qualities to the finished products – some of these elements are filled with epoxy (for strength), and some are left as design features (see pictures).  No dyes or stains are used. Our cutting boards are always crafted, finished, and packaged with food-safe, non-toxic glues, mineral oil and organic beeswax, and packing materials.