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Grilling Plank Sets 5"x14"


100% natural wood grilling plank sets in a variety of wood types that produce unique flavors. These sets are a great way to enjoy and experiment with many of the favorite wood types of experienced plank grillers, including Western Red Cedar, Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Red Oak, Maple, and Apple*. The wood type is clearly engraved on each plank.

100% natural wood. No chemicals or additives. Food-Safe and ready to use.
Available in sets of 8 or 12 planks. Read on for details

Features of these Grilling Plank Sets
• Dimensions: 14" x 5 1/2" x 7/16" (some planks will be thicker)
• Planed smooth for easy use. Some planks might have knots, cracks or natural edges that will not affect usage.
• *Standard Grilling Plank set includes 8 planks: Western Red Cedar (3), Hickory, Cherry, Alder, Maple, Red Oak
• *Premium Grilling Plank set includes 12 planks: Western Red Cedar (3), Hickory (2), Cherry (2), Alder (2), Maple, Red Oak, Apple

Wood plank grilling (aka "planking") is very versatile, fun the experiment with, and a great way to take your grilling game to the next level. Also makes a great gift!

Here are some suggestions for wood<>food pairings to get you started...
Western Red Cedar: the favorite for salmon, plus vegetables, pork, poultry and other fish/seafood
Hickory: beef, lamb, bacon, wild game
Cherry: beef, venison, salmon, vegetables
Alder: milder flavor for poultry and white fish (i.e. swordfish, mahi-mahi)
Maple: Chicken, pork
Red Oak: beef, lamb, wild game, pork, fish